Criminals in Indian Politics

Finally we got some good news. Honorable Supreme Court of India rejected the plea of Sanjay Dutt for contesting General Election 2009.

I have no issue with Sanjay Dutt as person or as actor. I even liked some of his movies like “Naam”, Munnabhai I and II.

However, he has erred and he was punished, however lightly, and he and all criminals should be stopped from entering Indian Parliament. That is in the best interest of the country.

Sanjay Dutt’s case was and is very high profile. It has sent a clear signal to public at large that if you are high, powerful and connected, you can get away with anything. For him, even the law of the land was changed, in the form of repeal of the TADA. That has brought cynicism in the general public.

I hope our politicians will respect the verdict of the SC and will not do, what they did with Shah Bano Case.


FOSS and Indian Politics

Finally some good news came for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) when a large Indian National Political Party, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), adopted key points of the FOSS Manifesto as BJP’s IT Vision Document prepared by the FOSS community of India.

It is heartening to know that a mainstream political party recognizes and acknowledges the FOSS movement and adapts it in their election manifesto. We must thank Venky from RedHat and others from the FOSS Community for working hard and make this a reality.

However, our work as community does not stop here. We must go out and convince other political parties the importance of the FOSS. Following are few of the reasons that can appeal to other political parties as well who have vision for India beyond becoming a Prime Minister of the country.

When you think of enabling a billion plus population with Information Technology in the area of e-governance, education, communication, job creation etc., we can not afford to spend billions of rupees or dollars in licensing cost. Not only that, we can not afford to spend valuable foreign currency on acquiring the closed source software. We are already in trouble due to our dependence on oil imports. We surely do not want to fall in same trap regarding software, especially when we boast of being the software super power.

Strategic reasons:
We can not afford to put our sovereignty at stack by using closed source software. We can never know what will be the part of closed source software which can give complete control of our strategic information in the hands of competing foreign powers whether in area of defense or commerce or internal and external security. The FOSS ensures that we are in control of our data and information and IT infrastructure and how it moves between different parties.

Social reasons:
If we ever hope to integrate our large and diverse population, we have to make the IT available in their language and at their terms. FOSS ensures and thrives on people’s participation. This is complete democratic movement where people decides what and how they want to use IT to enrich their lives.

There may be many more reasons why FOSS is superior to closed source software and invite you to share your thoughts on these subject.

On Sitaram Yechuri’s column in Hindustan Times

Dear Mr. Yechuri,

After reading your column in Hindustan Times, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with you and your leftist principles and politics.

I do agree that any and all forms of terrorism should be condemned and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

What really pains me the most is your insinuation that all right wing organizations are encouraging and abating “Hindu terrorism”. You are also trying to imply in your article that all the right wing Hindu organizations are inspired by fascism and practicing fascism in India!

Will you ever consider what is happening in Tibet is fascism by communist regime? What happened in Tienanmen Square in China and still happening to millions of Chinese daily as fascism? Can you tell me what is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan and else where is fascism? I have never read or heard you oppose or condemn any of the the above. Can you please tell me what fascism means to you? That word can only be applied as an adjective to a Hindu?

In support you have cited that some founders of these right wing organizations met with some nut case in Italy. If that is the case, is our venerable Subhash Chandra Bose also met Hitler. Does that mean Bose was fascist/Nazi?

You also imply that all so call “Hindu terrorists” are indoctrinated by Hindu right wing organizations and that they should be somehow banned and eliminated. If that is the case, how will you explain Naxalite and Maoist movements in India? Can we say that they are “indoctrinated” by leftist philosophy and parties. Hence all left wing organizations should be banned and eliminated, including your political party? Please remember that Naxalite and Maoist violence have left far more people dead then even Islamic terrorism. Do you even consider that Naxalite and Maoist movements are terrorist activities?

Do you ever consider that what is taught in “madrases” is “indoctrination” which is leading many innocent Muslim youths to terrorism? How about a proposal from you or your party to eliminate all madrases? After all, a leftist and secular minded people like you should oppose all kinds of religious teachings.

In the article you also suggest that Hindus are trained in military art which is not good for the country! Why are you oppose to Hindus learning art of self defense?

You cannot expect Hindus to go to another country to get terrorist training. No other countries offers terrorist training camps to Hindus! They have to learn the art of self defense in this country.

Considering your completely hypocritical philosophy, no wonder you and your party is not able to take root all over India! The only two states where you are in power are now ready to through you out at the earliest opportunity. You, your party and your philosophy has brought only disasters to India and else where and you have always created the hurdles in the path of India’s progress!

After this response, if I am branded a right winger or right wing sympathizer I do not mind. I am proved of being an Indian and a Hindu!