Installing Google Chrome on Fedora 10

I had some problems with Bookmarklets (a small piece of JavaScript to run from your address bar) in Firefox. The other browser with bookmarklet support was Google Chrome. However, being a non-free software, Chrome is not available in Fedora Repositories.

Google Chrome is available for GNU/Linux in Debian’s DEB package format. That means I can download the DEB package and use “alien” to convert to an RPM package and install on my Fedora. For some strange reason even alien is not available in Fedora repository.

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iPhone File Browser for Linux!

There are many file browsers for Windows and MAC to browse files on iPhone.

I was looking for a ways to browse files on my iPhone using Linux.

Now Nautilus file browser on GNOME Desktop supports sftp protocol.

Since, I have already installed OpenSSH from Cydia on my iPhone it was just easy to browse files on iPhone using Nautilus.

I use sftp://mobile@[iphone IP]/ in the Nautilus Address bar and Nautilus prompts for my password. Once I give correct password I am able to browse my files on iPhone.

Tip: Do remember to change your default iPhone password (alpine) for users mobile and root.