Installing Google Chrome on Fedora 10

I had some problems with Bookmarklets (a small piece of JavaScript to run from your address bar) in Firefox. The other browser with bookmarklet support was Google Chrome. However, being a non-free software, Chrome is not available in Fedora Repositories.

Google Chrome is available for GNU/Linux in Debian’s DEB package format. That means I can download the DEB package and use “alien” to convert to an RPM package and install on my Fedora. For some strange reason even alien is not available in Fedora repository.

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Why are you using GNU/Linux?

Hello FOSSers,

I believe that there are many students on this list. I would like to ask them few questions about their FOSS usage and adoption. I would love to hear from you guys and gals using FOSS. I will compile the list of reasons and put it up for everyone.

This should help people who conduct workshops and seminars in the colleges to create more appealing presentations for students.

You are free to answer the questions on the list or on my personal email if you think your answers are too embarrassing. πŸ™‚

1. Why do you use GNU/Linux?

The reasons could be as run-of-the-mill as “I believe in freedom in software” to as esoteric as “my boyfriend/girlfriend is crazy about FOSS”. Or it could be just the cool factor. Just keep them coming.

2. What distribution are you using? Why?

3. Are you dual booting? Why?

4. What are primary apps you use?

5. What do you miss the most from the “other” OS? πŸ™‚