The pains of Banking in India!

I have been banking with Citibank N.A. for many years. While opening the account I have furnished all mandatory documents to them.

Now they are asking me to submit all the documents all over again. Just imagine the cost of doing business with all these institutions and other service providers like tele-comm and others. 😦

It is really becoming difficult to be an Indian citizen. Even after going through all these pains we are not assured of safety and security of our, our family and friends lives.

Here is the communication I sent to Citibank N.A. I hope the good sense prevails and for a change, bank stands up for their customers right against RBI circular.

Doing banking is becoming PITA day by day.

Why have I to keep giving same info again and again for KYC? (Know Your Customer)

Does any of my info have changed, which requires me to update the records?

I here by declare that I have not undergone any Plastic Surgery and I have not joined any terrorist or criminal outfit.

And PLEASE DO NOT hide behind RBI circulars and guidelines. How many do you follow those which are not convenient to you and your business?

It’s not healthy for your business to inconvenience your customers. When will you learn to stand up for your costumers rights? You are already in deep shit.

Please post your experiences and views.