Letter to TRAI on Net Neutrality and threat posed by Facebook’s Free Basics

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to bring to your notice the scam/fraud campaign being run on Facebook website to force/hoodwink facebook users in supporting Free Basics.

I would humbly request you to discard all those Free Basics Support mails generated and sent via facebook.com platform as the same is done using deception and arm twisting their users.

AFA net neutrality is concerned, please de-link cost/price of the access to internet from the Freedom to access the content by the users.

If any provider is willing to or offering the Internet access at gratis/free of cost they should be allowed to do so with following general guiding principles.

The service provider

  1. Can not restrict the content that user wants access.
  2. Can not put artificial data or speed limits on the content.

  3. Should not demand that the content provider(s) has to register with them or take any kind of permission from the provider. (Such a move by provider is direct infringement of your (TRAI) powers as given to you by the Constitution of India. You sure don’t want to dilute / forego your powers)

  4. Can not collect and share the activity of the users other then as mandated by existing telecommunication laws.

  5. Can not force the users to sign up for a specific website, portal or platform to access the internet content.

I am sure your policy will be in line with above listed points to make the Internet free (as in Freedom) and help India’s large young demography to gain the Demographic Dividand our respected Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi Ji talks about.

I have full faith in your ability to protect India’s political, geographical, economical & strategic interests.

With warm regards,

–Dinesh Shah πŸ™‚
Shah Micro System Pvt. Ltd.

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(D)evolution of Indian Rupees

(D)evolution of Indian Rupee
(D)evolution of Indian Rupee
(D)evolution of Indian Rupee
(D)evolution of Indian Rupee

RBI have reduced the size of 1 and 2 rupee coins. Now 1 Rupee coin has the same size as old 50 paise coin and new 2 rupee coin has the same size as old 1 rupee coin.

You are advised to be careful while giving change.

I really feel sorry for blind people who rely on the shape and size of the coin to identify them.