About Dinesh Shah

I have recently rebooted my old company – Shah Micro System and incorporated it as private limited in 2009 as Shah Micro System Pvt. Ltd. We are in the process of launching some of the cool products and services for small businesses.

I am working to make my URL Shortening Service and CRM Solution (Customer 1st) Open Source for everyone.

I have been working closely with Free and Open Source Software in the area of Product Development, Project Management, IT Infrastructure management, Community Development and Migrations to Free and Open Source Software.

I have worked as Chief Technology Officer at United Villages, Inc., as Head, Linux Technology and Development at MicroWorld Technologies, Inc. and has developed number of Security products at MicroWorld Technologies, a leading Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Content Security company. These products provides Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam capabilities to GNU/Linux Mail Servers, GNU/Linux Proxy servers and GNU/Linux Desktops and Servers.

I have provided consulting services for deploying Free and Open Source Software to many corporates, SMEs and ISPs. Consulting involves selecting and deploying right tools for right jobs and providing Mail server, Proxy server, Firewalls, File and Print Services, Intranet Servers, Database servers to High Availability and High Performance Clusters.

I have acquired my Masters Degree in Electronics from Department of Electronics, Saurashtra University, Rajkot and Bachelors Degree from Sardar Patel University from Vallabh Vidya Nagar.

I am active in the field of Information Technologies since 1989 and has worked in range of technologies from Hardware, Software and Networking. I have worked with wide range of operating systems from *nix, CP/M, DOS, MS Windows, Novel Netware and GNU/Linux.

I am actively working with GNU/Linux since 1996 and just loves the system for it’s Openness and Simplicity.

I am also founder and active member of Linux Users’ Group of Mumbai, India.

My Calling Card
My Calling Card

4 thoughts on “About Dinesh Shah

  1. Harshad Mehta

    Election commission is not working properly, the voters has the identification card but their name dose not appear in the voters list. Now tell me identity card holder is eligible for voting or not? if no, why. and if yes how?


  2. Sachin Parnami

    Hi Dinesh,
    Such a nice detail, I am a s/w engineer work for a PUNE base startup company. I mostly work on LINUX and Open source technology, actually i started working on it since i joined here for this company and i found its really another world in it πŸ™‚
    Coming to my personal detail i belong to Hanumangarh a district of Rajasthan. i was not at all aware of LINUX, so my main concern here is, i want to make more and more people aware of LINUX @ small towns like i belong to ;).

    Do you have any suggestion, community who can help me out for this, i must say i am not at all perfect in LINUX but i know if i get some lead i can do at my best
    Sachin Parnami


  3. shailesh patil

    We at SHivsena Bhavan – Mumbai Looking forward to make it open source. We would like to promote open source – Is some one interested to get associated with ?

    Shailesh Patil
    +91 98210 40123


    1. Shaleshji,

      Welcome to wonderful world of Free and Open Source Software.

      You can count on me and others like me to support you in migrating to FOSS world.

      Let us take one step at a time and identify areas where you can deploy FOSS within your organization.

      Looking forward to work with you to transform Shiv Sena’s IT infrastructure to FOSS.


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