Maintaining Old Ubuntu server

I have a really old Ubuntu (11.04) headless server installed on one of the client location.

The application created needed some update but unfortunately the Git was not installed on the system.

While trying to apt-get install git, got 404 (HTTP not found) error. When tried to do an apt-get update lots of 404 errors were there as Ubuntu 11.04 has reached end of life.

A quick search on the Google and found that old releases of Ubuntu are hosted on server(s).

To use this server I have to manually update /etc/apt/sources.list file

In the source list file I have to replace all instances of & with followed by apt-get update

Finally was able to install git on the target system from old-releases servers of Ubuntu.


Ubuntu Desktop: just awesome

Some time back I downloaded the latest Ubuntu Linux desktop. I used UNetbootin to convert an ISO image to USB bootable key.

I booted with this newly created USB key and I was awestruck with new desktop interface.

I have about an year old Acer Aspire One netbook. the new Ubuntu desktop detected all my hardware without any tricks!

The in-built web cam just worked out of the box. so is the wired and wireless network. sound also worked without a hitch and sound quality is much better then my current Fedora 10. It even detected my iPhone and mounted iPhone filesystem at just one click.

Since my netbook is not equipped with Bluetooth, I have got a cheap USB Bluetooth device. connecting other bluetooth devices was breez.

Even though Ubuntu was running from USB 1.0 flash key, it was fast. all the applications required by an average user was right there on the main desktop.

It already packs latest version of Firefox and all other applications where nicely arranged and can be accessed with just two clicks. No complicated start menus and searching for applications.

Even the User Interface is very responsive and quick with opening of applications. This 700 MB OS packs enough punch and you can even continue to use the OS from USB key!

For an average Desktop users who needs mostly a web browser, office productivity tools and want to be productive immediately this is the platform of choice.

Next I will install this new cool OS on my netbook and give it a spin.

iPhone File Browser for Linux!

There are many file browsers for Windows and MAC to browse files on iPhone.

I was looking for a ways to browse files on my iPhone using Linux.

Now Nautilus file browser on GNOME Desktop supports sftp protocol.

Since, I have already installed OpenSSH from Cydia on my iPhone it was just easy to browse files on iPhone using Nautilus.

I use sftp://mobile@[iphone IP]/ in the Nautilus Address bar and Nautilus prompts for my password. Once I give correct password I am able to browse my files on iPhone.

Tip: Do remember to change your default iPhone password (alpine) for users mobile and root.

Flash on Ubuntu and Firefox

I had this problem of flash content not loading properly in Firefox on Ubuntu. That means I can not view any YouTube videos.

The issue was the default plugin for flash in Firefox was gnash. It seems the gnash is still not there or the sites are spoofing flash player version and not showing us the content.

Anyway to fix this I have to remove gnash.

sudo apt-get remove mozilla-plugin-gnash

Then IΒ  have to install

sudo apt-get install libflash-mozplugin

That started playing flash but sound was not there. So I added

sudo apt-get install libflashsupport

And that’s it. Everything started working as expected.

I have used apt on command line as I am used to CLI. You can do it using GUI package tools as well.

So now I am enjoying YouTube videos on Ubuntu and Firefox.