iPhone File Browser for Linux!

There are many file browsers for Windows and MAC to browse files on iPhone.

I was looking for a ways to browse files on my iPhone using Linux.

Now Nautilus file browser on GNOME Desktop supports sftp protocol.

Since, I have already installed OpenSSH from Cydia on my iPhone it was just easy to browse files on iPhone using Nautilus.

I use sftp://mobile@[iphone IP]/ in the Nautilus Address bar and Nautilus prompts for my password. Once I give correct password I am able to browse my files on iPhone.

Tip: Do remember to change your default iPhone password (alpine) for users mobile and root.


iPhone Safe Mode!

Today I had the same issue… Even after couple of restart it was not coming out of “Safe Mode”. Luckily the phone had SSH running.

After doing following on command line over SSH

# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade
# reboot

resolved the issue.

Blog writing

I am now writing all these blogs using a cool WordPress app on iPhone.

Now I am getting hang of the writing blogs and using lots of travel time in writing this blogs.

Over the period I hope to improve my typing speed on iPhone’s virtual keyboard. At times the auto correct sucks. Have to turn off auto correct and see if improve the over all quality of the writing.

I think, there is heavy need of editing the posts posted from iPhone.

Are you using any mobile tools to write your blogs? Would like to hear the mobile tools you are using.

Also, need to find out how to link these blogs in various soc-net sites. I would love to hear how you make your blog popular?