Dealing with a cracked email account

Today afternoon my GMail account was cracked while I was away from my computer. Thousands of SPAM mails were sent from my account. One of my contacts in Italy reported the incident in couple of hours.

The whole incident was an embarrassment as I consider myself very security conscious and pride myself in never having such a thing happen to me. But it happened any way and lessons learned – you can not be complaisant just because you use reasonably secure platform (GNU/Linux + Firefox) to get on-line. You have to be really aware about new security threats emerging everyday!

As an immediate action I did

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Election Commission of Maharashtra Web site compromised?

Today I went to check my voter roll entry at Election Commission of Maharashtra. However, Mozilla Firefox gave following warning.


And here is the explanation given by Google


I really wonder why our government can not run a simple web site securely? Is this a way by which our “talented” government servants sabotaging information technology for e-governance and Right to Information Act? Or am I reading too much from this incidence?

Isn’t it quite an co-incidence that this happened when the new CEC is appointed?

Failed Indian Government

I am no fan of cricket and do not watch, play or follow cricket avidly. I could not even name all 15 players in Indian Cricket Team. I just give a cursory glance to Indian Cricket to use it in routine conversations.

The recent development in Indian Premier League matches relocation to outside India is a big blow to Indian Democracy and abject failure of current Indian Government to uphold my constitutional rights of freedom to do business, play and pursuits of happiness and wellbeing.

The jihadists and terrorists have won the battle and this current incompetent Indian Government has lost all the rights to stay in power. This government should be sacked immediately and upcoming elections to Indian Parliament should be conducted under the President’s Rule. (I don’t know how good that will be considering our puppet president).

What is even more shocking is the total surrender of our English Print Media by endorsing this government line. The English News paper I read is Hindustan Times and HT has endorsed or supported the government line in various views and editorials. (I have great respect for Vir Sanghavi and agree to most of his views and opinions of current state of affairs but in this one issue he has completely lost it). It is heartening to know that vernacular print media like Mumbai Samachar is correct in exposing the abject failure of this spineless and incompetent government.

For now, as punitive action, all security should be withdrawn from all the ministers and office bearers of this government. This is the only way to make them empathize with the common citizens of this country.

Do you think this government has failed to uphold the Constitution of India and taken away our freedom to do business, freedom play and freedom to the pursuits of happiness?

iPhone File Browser for Linux!

There are many file browsers for Windows and MAC to browse files on iPhone.

I was looking for a ways to browse files on my iPhone using Linux.

Now Nautilus file browser on GNOME Desktop supports sftp protocol.

Since, I have already installed OpenSSH from Cydia on my iPhone it was just easy to browse files on iPhone using Nautilus.

I use sftp://mobile@[iphone IP]/ in the Nautilus Address bar and Nautilus prompts for my password. Once I give correct password I am able to browse my files on iPhone.

Tip: Do remember to change your default iPhone password (alpine) for users mobile and root.

Course content for cyber cafe owners

Recently I am working with Chandeeda from Comet Media Foundation to develop a course for cyber cafe owners to adapt free software in their cyber cafes.

The design goals of the course are –

  • Adoption of Free and Open Source Software.
  • Improve the access to ICT to under privileged people who cannot afford a computer at home or at work place.
  • Enhance the security and privacy of the users.
  • Improve the viability of the cyber cafe business and improve RoI for the owners

While brainstorming we came up so far with following possible modules

  1. Deploy and manage Free and Open Source Software and commodity hardware. This should translate in overall cost savings and capital requirements.
  2. Imparting knowledge about cyber cafe related laws and regulations to improve the compliance and reduce indirect cost of business like bribes and harassment from authorities.
  3. Better customer relation – Code of conduct, security, privacy of the users to increase customer loyalty.
  4. Spotting white space opportunities. Provide additional services like photo printing, VoIP, computer training, network and the Internet gaming, type setting, graphics design, computerized accounting, etc.

There are six modules required to be designed. If you can think of any other topics that should be included in the course we would love to hear from you.