Mumbai Suburban Nightscape

Some Mumbai Suburban night shots!


First Lunar Eclipse of 2010

I am still processing more images I have taken of the first Lunar Eclipse of 2010. I got only good images at the start. The clouds destroyed rest of the eclipse.

Proverbial Blue Moon on the eve of New Year

While I was preparing to shoot the first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2010, I was able to shoot full moon at the end of the year 2009.

Upcoming Learning Photography Course from GRS

The new batch of the course will commence on 19th September 2009.

Whether you are a novice or an expert in photography, this course is a must have for you either to hone your photography skills or refresh and get new perspective in art and science of photography.

As usual Mr. Barodia’s excellent teaching method and his interactive style will keep you engaged throughout the course.

The course details is provided in this blog post.



Dear Friends,

Greetings and Good Wishes !

As you know, the Art and Science of Photography was formally announced as invented in Paris – France, on 19th August, 1839 and this day, every year since then is celebrated as the World Photography Day ’ ! As witnessed in 170 years, Photography is found in all walks of life and is continuously developing, offering excellent and amazing results in recording things – even things not seen by the human eyes !


Learning Photography – An Introduction

I registered for basic learning photography course offered by Gujarat Research Centre in July and completed it last weekend.

This is twelve session course over 6 weekends and it’s been lead by venerable Mr. Barodia. I have included the outline of the course below for the reference.

I planned for writing every week about my learning but I was never able to write. In any case, if you want to learn photography from ground up or brush up on your skills, this is great course.

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