Learning Photography – An Introduction

I registered for basic learning photography course offered by Gujarat Research Centre in July and completed it last weekend.

This is twelve session course over 6 weekends and it’s been lead by venerable Mr. Barodia. I have included the outline of the course below for the reference.

I planned for writing every week about my learning but I was never able to write. In any case, if you want to learn photography from ground up or brush up on your skills, this is great course.


Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus, Ramkrishna Mission Marg,
Cr. of 16th & 17th Road, Khar (West), MUMBAI – 400052.

Telephone : 65130837 * 26462691 * 9820793010

E. Mail : sbarodia@yahoo.com, grs@bom5.vsnl.net.in


A proper FOUNDATION COURSE to develop a serious hobby or to become a professional/free-lancer in any of the chosen fields of PHOTOGRAPHY

  • General principles and techniques for effective results under different lighting conditions – [ indoor and outdoor ], will be explained, highlighting the merits and demerits and limitations – for both Conventional and Digital Technology – SLR Cameras explained
  • Picture taking using Studio Lights and accessories
  • Black & White film development. Photo – finishing – B &W and colour [ manual/computer ] explained…
  • Post picture taking functions including scanning / editing / enhancing and printing of images on computer using appropriate software…
  • Participants assignments/work will be discussed and evaluated and proper Certificates will be issued…
  • Workshops / Assignments / Internships / Competitions etc. encouraged and organized as follow-up activities.

Course Duration: About 12 Sessions [each of 3 to 4 hrs]
Days & Timings: Saturdays 3.00 to 6.00 pm
: Sundays 9.00 to 12.00 noon

Registration: As soon as possible at the CENTRE
Course fees: Rs. 2,500/- only [Includes the Reading Material and the Annual Subscription of ‘BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY’ as a GIFT]
Course Director: Shirish S. Barodia

For further details, schedule and registration contact the CENTRE office at the address/tel. nos. given above



Schedule with Course Contents [Subject to necessary changes]

Session I:
​​Registration and Introduction of participants Introduction to Photography, Principles involved,
​​Principles of Optics, Light – Films – Film Sensitivity,
​​Cameras – Types of Cameras – and different Parts ​of Cameras, Exposing Device, Exposure meters

Session II:
​Aperture and Shutter Speed Relations,
​Different Types of Lenses, Angles of view,
​Depth of Field, Composition, Picture Taking
​Submission of Assignment I and discussion

Session III:
​Filters and Modifications of Light / Optical Images,
​Principles of Colour Photography, Flash Light,
​Concept of Digital Photography,

Session IV:
​An outing to a nearby picturesque place to take pictures using own equipment/accessories, under different lighting conditions – for Assignment II

Session V:
​Artificial and Flash Light, Multiple Flash – Lights,
​Studio Lights and picture taking with the studio lights – Product Photography/Portraiture,

Session VI:
Black and White Film Development – Tank Method
Photo Finishing – Manual and Computer
​One to one discussion on assignments/doubts
​Overview, Different Types of Photography,

Session VII:
​Dos & Do-nots, Overview, Group Assignment,
​Evaluation of own work and general discussion …..

Session VIII & IX:
​Post Digital Photo Management on Computers,
​Enhancement of images using certain software etc.
​One to one discussion on specific area / field

Session X:
Discussion with a renowned Commercial Photographer about business opportunities,
Questions – Answers
​Distribution of Certificates, Follow-up activities, Etc.

  • Based on the earlier experience and the feedback from the past participants, two more sessions may be offered depending upon their special interest. Respective topics / activities will be given additional time, adjusting the above schedule suitably.
  • All needed time will be also given for one to one discussion to clear doubts and questions, if any, and for the evaluation of the work.
  • Follow-up activities to benefit the course participants are held. A few are listed below :
    • An exhibition of participants’ work on the theme “EXPERIENCE MUMBAI”, was held in May, 2006 About 100 photographs were exhibited.
    • Participants celebrated THE WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY – 19th August, 2007 and 2008,
    • THE WORLD ENVIORNMENT DAY – 5th June, 2008 in collaboration with the Maharashtra Nature Park at the Nature Park at Dharavi – Mahim,
    • Participants of Mumbai and Ahmedabad have formed their E-group to communicate and to up-load their work. Certain achievements are announced and exhibited also.

Similar follow-up activities encouraged with participants’ help, as and when convenient


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