Why are you using GNU/Linux?

Hello FOSSers,

I believe that there are many students on this list. I would like to ask them few questions about their FOSS usage and adoption. I would love to hear from you guys and gals using FOSS. I will compile the list of reasons and put it up for everyone.

This should help people who conduct workshops and seminars in the colleges to create more appealing presentations for students.

You are free to answer the questions on the list or on my personal email if you think your answers are too embarrassing. πŸ™‚

1. Why do you use GNU/Linux?

The reasons could be as run-of-the-mill as “I believe in freedom in software” to as esoteric as “my boyfriend/girlfriend is crazy about FOSS”. Or it could be just the cool factor. Just keep them coming.

2. What distribution are you using? Why?

3. Are you dual booting? Why?

4. What are primary apps you use?

5. What do you miss the most from the “other” OS? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Why are you using GNU/Linux?

  1. I use GNU/Linux because it offers me a plethora of software useful to me for my academic purposes (as well as fun). To put it in short, I get all the mathematical and scientific software required for my studies either preinstalled or readily installable from a CD (or internet) based package management system. Best of all, I have the freedom to dig through the source to make fixes and alterations to suit my needs, as long I redistribute my software under terms of the iicense when I have to give it elsewhere.

    Add to this rock stability and the means to dig through to see what’s happening under the hood, and you get much more than you bargained for.


  2. Karan

    1. It is fun.
    2. I have everything in front of my eyes. The whole system is very transparent.
    3. Linux provides a perfect development environment.
    4. Using Linux gives you a lot of information about software working.
    5. Easy installation of softwares.
    6. And the community that has evolved around FOSS is really helpful.
    7. A lot of new concepts are learnt eg a windoze user may not even know what a desktop environment is.

    And yeah….my girlfriend ditched me, due to the side effects(positive) produced by my passion for Linux. πŸ™‚


  3. I use Linux because i’m in love with it…lol
    So many things to explore, learn, modify, crash, its happening!!!

    distro: SuSE 11.0, because its user friendly as well as provides the oppurtunity to learn and work with an ease.

    dual boot: Yes…installed Fedora 9 yesterday…want to explore/learn fedora as well.

    primary apps: opera, amarok, pidgin, smplayer, kdevelop, vi editor, gcc, AS, ld, freecell, konsooole..lol, BOCHS, kwrite etc etc.

    i dont miss anything…i’m sooo happy with Linux. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. Easwar Hariharan

    Why do you use GNU/Linux?
    –>I was tired of being part of 98% of the desktop community(random figure,don’t read much into it) and constantly paying Rs. 200-250/- when something went wrong to the “computer engineers” for something as simple as reinstalling a device driver.Plus literature I read online and in some mags made Linux look cool.And,I wanted to learn cracking,and an e-book said I had to know at least one OS inside out.That’s what acted as the straw that broke Windows’ back. πŸ˜› I joined the list,asked for Mandriva 07,as that was supposedly the only distro which supported my motherboard according to some Intel web page and the rest is history.Of course,the Mandriva didn’t work out and I’ve been using Ubuntu ever since,which brings me to the next question….

    2. What distribution are you using? Why?
    –>Ubuntu 8.10,because Ubuntu 7.04 detected all my hardware OOTB,except the webcam,and didn’t have the problems Mandriva had.And APT sealed it for me.

    3. Are you dual booting? Why?
    –>Was till recently.For Dad,because he’s used to XP at work too.

    4. What are the primary apps you use?
    –>Exaile,FF,Pidgin,openOffice once in a while.

    5. What do you miss the most from the β€œother” OS?
    –>Being able to participate in discussions with peers of how awesome the latest games are. πŸ˜›


  5. I use GNU/Linux coz I was tired of XP (in 2004) being unstable and all that. Also I realised after switching , that I can do most of my tasks using Linux ..barring a few closed apps (esp voice/video chat) , which too changed after skype 2.0.

    Also one interesting thing is that I now dont need an Antivirus s/w, so I can better spend my CPU cycles on something useful or not spend them at all!! (cpu speedstepping!!) which results in my small contribution towards power saving and ultimately the environment .

    I started with Suse 9 but quickly switched to Fedora (Fedora 2) as my internet would not work easily (cablenet using PPPOE), and I wasnt even minimum decent an expert to solve it in Suse using command line progs. Fedora had a nice GUI for setting up PPPOE. I also tried Ubuntu around that time, but PPPOE problems (have to use cmd line and connection unstable) made sure I stuck to Fedora since then.

    The main point to be noted here is that I used GNU/Linux not because of open source idealism n ideology and all that, but simply because I experienced that it is a better computing experience all together. I am no programmer , so source code is worthless greek n latin to me!! Recently, after using Apple Mac OS X 10.5 at my University, I came to realise that freedom is important too, as I noticed how one can be crippled for a lack of choices ( free of cost choices) on a Mac platform and be stuck to using what Apple thinks is right!!

    Currently I have 3 OS on my laptop : Fedora 9 (main OS for all work ), Ubuntu 8.10(for a change when I am bored!!) and Vista( came preinstalled with the lappy..boot into it quarterly for updates! lol )


  6. Rony

    I use GNU/Linux first for its security and stability. I don’t have to panic when using pendrives, receiving mails and opening attachments, surfing the net etc. The other reason is that it is community driven and meant for the people. This is possible due to its ideology of Software Freedom.


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