Installing Google Chrome on Fedora 10

I had some problems with Bookmarklets (a small piece of JavaScript to run from your address bar) in Firefox. The other browser with bookmarklet support was Google Chrome. However, being a non-free software, Chrome is not available in Fedora Repositories.

Google Chrome is available for GNU/Linux in Debian’s DEB package format. That means I can download the DEB package and use “alien” to convert to an RPM package and install on my Fedora. For some strange reason even alien is not available in Fedora repository.

I downloaded the Chrome DEB package from Google Download page and using archive manager I extracted content of the DEB file. That gave me three files – control.tar.gz, data.tar.lzma and debian-binary. The only file of interest for us is data.tar.lzma. This file contains 3 folders/directory – etc, opt and usr. The main program is in opt/google/chrome directory. The library files used by Chrome are all present on Fedora 10 but the names are different, so I had to make some symbolic links in Chrome’s installation folder.

Here are the steps –

  1. Download Google Chrome DEB Package – Google Chrome
  2. Extract DEB package in a temp directory
  3. Extract data.tar.lzma to another temp directory
  4. copy/move opt/google to /opt (you must be root or use sudo)
  5. Create a lib directory under /opt/google/chrome/ [mkdir /opt/google/chrome/lib] (you must be root or use sudo)
  6. Create links for some libraries (you must be root or use sudo)
    • ln -sf /lib/
    • ln -sf /lib/
    • ln -sf /lib/
    • ln -sf /lib/
    • ln -sf /lib/
    • ln -sf /lib/
    • ln -sf /lib/

If you want to add Chrome in your GNOME Application Menu you need to install files from “usr” directory as well from the data archive.

Let me know if this article was useful to you and if you run into any trouble.


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