On Sitaram Yechuri’s column in Hindustan Times

Dear Mr. Yechuri,

After reading your column in Hindustan Times, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with you and your leftist principles and politics.

I do agree that any and all forms of terrorism should be condemned and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

What really pains me the most is your insinuation that all right wing organizations are encouraging and abating “Hindu terrorism”. You are also trying to imply in your article that all the right wing Hindu organizations are inspired by fascism and practicing fascism in India!

Will you ever consider what is happening in Tibet is fascism by communist regime? What happened in Tienanmen Square in China and still happening to millions of Chinese daily as fascism? Can you tell me what is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan and else where is fascism? I have never read or heard you oppose or condemn any of the the above. Can you please tell me what fascism means to you? That word can only be applied as an adjective to a Hindu?

In support you have cited that some founders of these right wing organizations met with some nut case in Italy. If that is the case, is our venerable Subhash Chandra Bose also met Hitler. Does that mean Bose was fascist/Nazi?

You also imply that all so call “Hindu terrorists” are indoctrinated by Hindu right wing organizations and that they should be somehow banned and eliminated. If that is the case, how will you explain Naxalite and Maoist movements in India? Can we say that they are “indoctrinated” by leftist philosophy and parties. Hence all left wing organizations should be banned and eliminated, including your political party? Please remember that Naxalite and Maoist violence have left far more people dead then even Islamic terrorism. Do you even consider that Naxalite and Maoist movements are terrorist activities?

Do you ever consider that what is taught in “madrases” is “indoctrination” which is leading many innocent Muslim youths to terrorism? How about a proposal from you or your party to eliminate all madrases? After all, a leftist and secular minded people like you should oppose all kinds of religious teachings.

In the article you also suggest that Hindus are trained in military art which is not good for the country! Why are you oppose to Hindus learning art of self defense?

You cannot expect Hindus to go to another country to get terrorist training. No other countries offers terrorist training camps to Hindus! They have to learn the art of self defense in this country.

Considering your completely hypocritical philosophy, no wonder you and your party is not able to take root all over India! The only two states where you are in power are now ready to through you out at the earliest opportunity. You, your party and your philosophy has brought only disasters to India and else where and you have always created the hurdles in the path of India’s progress!

After this response, if I am branded a right winger or right wing sympathizer I do not mind. I am proved of being an Indian and a Hindu!


2 thoughts on “On Sitaram Yechuri’s column in Hindustan Times

  1. Nitin Jaswal

    In the public arena, the onus of saying what they do and then shunning all responsibility for it is an art mastered by politicians. So we should never take them at face value. Having said that are limits on how left and how right of center you can be. If this is unambiguously realized within a framework of mutual respect then we should be ok.


  2. T Jayarajan

    It’s good an IT professional like you writes about politics, which is considered as ‘dirty’ by ‘new generation’. But look, how sophomoric it is! That’s too, standing in the marshland of Hindutva!

    Nowadays, the term ‘fascism’ is used more as a derogatory word to notify states or movements resorted to forceful measures than with its true historical and political meanings. The leftists generally do not agree with this.

    For leftists, ‘fascism’ is a meaningful word. I can list some characteristics here:
    > political expression of national capitalist class
    > linked with deep imperialist economic crisis
    > advancement of cumulative reactionary forces as ruling classes resort to them when liberal, democratic, progressive values can not be allowed or practiced in a crisis-ridden society
    > based on hatred towards ‘others’
    > based on narrow nationalism
    > based on majoritarianism

    No wonder, the founders of right wing Hindu organisations praised the Nazis in Germany. No wonder the Hindu right wing organisations did not take part the national liberation movement in India, as the latter might result in a secular, democratic and progressive society. The graph of history shows that whenever the nationalist movement was weak, the Hindu reactionary forces emerged strong and vise-versa, even after 1947.

    I haven’t read the particular column article of Yechuri at Hindustan Times. But I remember one of his article in which argued that the Hindutva forces in India can be called ‘fascistic’ than ‘fascist’. (Search on Net)

    When a national liberation leader like Subash Chandra Bose met Hitler for tactical needs, he can not be termed as fascist. There are many documents which narrates clearly the stand of Bose on fascism.

    But what is being narrated by ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ on fascism?

    For leftist, all religious forces are anachrony. No discrimination with this regard. But not see religious people as enemies. Stands for democratic transformation of each society. But sees majoritarianism as a threat.


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