Criminals in Indian Politics

Finally we got some good news. Honorable Supreme Court of India rejected the plea of Sanjay Dutt for contesting General Election 2009.

I have no issue with Sanjay Dutt as person or as actor. I even liked some of his movies like “Naam”, Munnabhai I and II.

However, he has erred and he was punished, however lightly, and he and all criminals should be stopped from entering Indian Parliament. That is in the best interest of the country.

Sanjay Dutt’s case was and is very high profile. It has sent a clear signal to public at large that if you are high, powerful and connected, you can get away with anything. For him, even the law of the land was changed, in the form of repeal of the TADA. That has brought cynicism in the general public.

I hope our politicians will respect the verdict of the SC and will not do, what they did with Shah Bano Case.


One thought on “Criminals in Indian Politics

  1. 150 MPs have criminal cases pending against them and 70 out of them, are for serious offences.

    SC in this country is nothing more than a joke & to expect that India should have zero criminals in Parliament is nothing more than a dream.


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