BBC News – Sick PCs should be banned from the net says Microsoft

“Although the conditions to be checked may change over time, current experience suggests that such health checks should ensure that software patches are applied, a firewall is installed and configured correctly, an antivirus program with current signatures is running, and the machine is not currently infected with known malware,” he wrote in the accompanying paper.

via BBC News – Sick PCs should be banned from the net says Microsoft.

Instead of going to such a length to just get on-line, why not just dump MS Windows, the root cause of all these trouble, and switch to GNU/Linux.

Switching to GNU/Linux is easy as you get to choose variety of User Interfaces and integration of productivity tools in the form of Distributions like – Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE, Linux Mint, Mandriva and many more to suite your taste.


Ban on SMS Gateways: Idiocity of DoT and Indian Government

Almost for more then a week now idiots at Department of Telecom, Govt. of India has banned Text Message Services (SMS) from SMS Gateways in the name of security!

This idiots even don’t know what is security. The Indian Government has misurably failed in all accounts – threats from Terrorists and Naxals, Hyper Inflation, Food security, failure to deliver jobs, food, health and education and number of problems created by successive Congress Governments for last 60+ years.

Now they want to censor the flow of information in the name of Security! This is direct attack on freedom of speech as given in our Constitution.

Let is protest strongly against such high handed approach of Governent of India for such a huge constitutional breach of rights of the citizens of India.

IT Event: InterOp 2010 Mumbai

Today I went to IT Exhibition and Conference organized by InterOP. The event was small and low key.

However, I was able to meet old friends, ex-colleagues and interesting new people.

I did not find any big product or technology launch and the things on display were run of the mill products.

The event is still on till 30th Sep 2010 in case you want to visit it anyway!

In case you have already visited or planning to visit, I would love to hear your experience in the comment.

Android based smart phone : Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Bloggers’ Meet today was an awesome experience. I went for the event partly to catch up with ex-colleagues and old friends from Delhi – Gaurav Mishra and Honey Singh.

I am impressed with Samsung’s Galaxy S smart phone based on Android OS 2.1. it sure has some cool features and designed for 24/7 generation with host of connectivity options like GPRS, 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth.

I found the mobile to be quite light weight but packing quite a punch. Though there were questions about not including flash for the camera, picture quality was acceptable in even low light. The phone can be used as video camera as well. Another cool feature was ability to connect to a TV through HDMI? interface so you can play games on larger screen or view your photos and videos on large screen.

The in-build flash storage of just 16GB looks small for 4th generation Smart Phones, you can add upto 64 GB of external storage using SD cards.

With 1 GHz CPU speed, it sure has lot of computing power at it’s disposal and makes UI quite responsive even when multiple applications are open at the same time.

The phone is prized at 30K plus that can be a challenge for the company to get it accepted in mass market. I will surely look to buy this or future device when the prizes falls to bellow 20K.

In any case I am looking forward to buy an Android based smart phone as I am getting tired of my iPhone.

Ubuntu Desktop: just awesome

Some time back I downloaded the latest Ubuntu Linux desktop. I used UNetbootin to convert an ISO image to USB bootable key.

I booted with this newly created USB key and I was awestruck with new desktop interface.

I have about an year old Acer Aspire One netbook. the new Ubuntu desktop detected all my hardware without any tricks!

The in-built web cam just worked out of the box. so is the wired and wireless network. sound also worked without a hitch and sound quality is much better then my current Fedora 10. It even detected my iPhone and mounted iPhone filesystem at just one click.

Since my netbook is not equipped with Bluetooth, I have got a cheap USB Bluetooth device. connecting other bluetooth devices was breez.

Even though Ubuntu was running from USB 1.0 flash key, it was fast. all the applications required by an average user was right there on the main desktop.

It already packs latest version of Firefox and all other applications where nicely arranged and can be accessed with just two clicks. No complicated start menus and searching for applications.

Even the User Interface is very responsive and quick with opening of applications. This 700 MB OS packs enough punch and you can even continue to use the OS from USB key!

For an average Desktop users who needs mostly a web browser, office productivity tools and want to be productive immediately this is the platform of choice.

Next I will install this new cool OS on my netbook and give it a spin.

First Lunar Eclipse of 2010

I am still processing more images I have taken of the first Lunar Eclipse of 2010. I got only good images at the start. The clouds destroyed rest of the eclipse.