Shah Micro System Pvt. Ltd.: About us

Shah Micro System was founded by Mr. Dinesh Shah in 1992 as an information technology company to provide hardware, networking and software solutions to businesses of all sizes.

The company and the people have worked in diverse and heterogeneous technologies including various Unixes, Novel Netware, DOS, MS Windows and GNU/Linux. Since 1996 we are completely focused on free and open source software solutions.

The company has served clients in various industry segments like multinationals, engineering, banking, financial services, government, education, technology and other small and medium enterprises.

Shah Micro System is incorporated and registered as private limited company in 2009 under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Shah. We are focused on providing business to business and business to consumers solutions using open source technologies and integration of diverse platforms like personal computers, mobile phones and other mobile and hand held devices.

Shah Micro System Pvt. Ltd. also provides standards based and open source software based core infrastructure solutions for enterprises of all sizes.


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