Dear Friends,

Greetings and Good Wishes !

As you know, the Art and Science of Photography was formally announced as invented in Paris – France, on 19th August, 1839 and this day, every year since then is celebrated as the World Photography Day ’ ! As witnessed in 170 years, Photography is found in all walks of life and is continuously developing, offering excellent and amazing results in recording things – even things not seen by the human eyes !

As a part of regular and meaningful follow-up activities for the participants of the course and others, as done in the past, we have decided to celebrate the 171st World Photography Day falling on Wednesday, 19th August 2009, by exhibiting and demonstrating, on our campus, the initial and old technology of picture taking and making vis-a-vis the current digital technology, with wide publicity, as open to all. Shri Kakubhai Kothari, a renowned Wild Life Photographer will share his exciting and thrilling experiences and Shri Madhavan Pillai, Editor, Better Photography will give a talk on growth of the visual art of Photography, in general. M/s. Kodak India Pvt. Ltd. will offer some very old as also their digital technology equipment to display. An Invitation is attached.

May I request you to kindly participate in the event with your friends to make the event a success ? On this occasion, we also intend to offer our help to develop B & W film rolls both 35 mm and 120 size as also to have pictures taken under Studio Lights after 2.0 p.m. Those who would like to take the advantage can do so under prior intimation.

Hope to see you all on 19th August. 2009.


Best wishes,

Shirish Barodia,
Tel : 98207.93010

wpd 09 final


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