Twitter: An Incessant Chatter

I joined Twitter few months back, and it looks like I am hooked. πŸ™‚ Now I am checking my Twitter updates at least 2/3 times a day on my iPhone using TwitterFon and post few tweets – mostly replies and ReTweets.

I have also installed TwitterFox on my Firefox web browser. This extension is not very good and I have just installed few more extensions to try out for my Twitter Feed.

The annoying thing about Twitter is some time you get tweets out of context and you really don’t know what that tweet is all about.

A better #FollowFriday ?
I get few #followfriday tweets but it does not tell me anything about the people I should follow. I would start doing a #followfriday with one or two word about each person I recommend. That way at least people in my network will know if they want to follow certain individuals/bots recommended by me.

UPDATE: I have added Twitbin Firefox sidebar and it look promising.

How are you dealing with twitter-mania?


2 thoughts on “Twitter: An Incessant Chatter

  1. I use Twitter but to follow on from your comment re getting Tweets that are out of context; I find that difficult too! 😦

    The new format of facebook is excellent! You see the comments one after another in a thread.

    I guess Tweets are like texts. You get a reply and have to really think about what it’s in response too!

    Are there any applications to combat this problem or are most users OK with it?


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