Mumbai Weekend Shoot – Sagar Upvan 22nd March 2009

I went today for my 3rd Mumbai Weekend Shoot – Flickr. I did not write about my last shoot of Mumbai Festival 2009, for me, that shoot was not very eventful, though I did meet some interesting people. In that event I did not carry a tripod, a big mistake on my part, as that was night shoot. Lesson learned. πŸ™‚

I reached Sagar Upvan in Colaba, Mumbai later than appointed time of 7:00 am and dived right into photographing whatever I found interesting.

Compared to previous two events I participated, this shoot has attracted huge number of photographers. There where 35+ people there. It was just amazing to look at all those dudes and chicks with big cameras strapped to their necks. πŸ™‚

After the shoot we spent quite a time together in garden in small and large groups. Some members even did portraits using home made reflectors made of office files and gift wrap papers! I missed that part.

There was an interesting trick demonstrated using red background image as white balance in the digital camera and getting some cool green tainted images, which look very professional. I will try out that trick at the 1st available opportunity.

Looking at my photos of past and this event, it looks like I am getting real pro in macros. πŸ™‚ You are welcome to help me either validate or discredit this observation about me. I will keep my fingers crossed!

Apart from spending some time together in garden till we were thrown out of the garden by security, we were all famished and 15+ people decided to have some light bites in Leopold Cafe in Colaba.

We all had light snacks and light food and lot of fun in the cafe and few brave souls went all the way to ordering some beer in the sweltering heat of Mumbai.

While interacting with the people, I found two professional groups who were in majority within MWS. One large group of people have Information Technology background. Another large group of people were from advertising, marketing and/or mass media background.

I am proposing a new theory – why people from IT background have so much interest in photography and may be other creative arts? We IT guys and gals use our left brain from Monday to Friday and photography helps us use our right brain on weekends. This I think is healthy in balancing out our brain usage and it helps us in recharging our batteries.

Before people went about their way, there was a brief round of introduction for all the people who stayed back, followed by vote of thanks by Dhruv for our heroes Paromita, Riddhi and Vishhh, whose untiring efforts in organizing these events with religious regularity and growing this community to such a size. Hats off to you guys for such a vibrant community of photographers!

Looking forward to such fun events again and again!

If you are in IT and not using photography to recharge your batteries, I would love to know what creative activities you are pursuing to keep your right brain in use and shape. πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Mumbai Weekend Shoot – Sagar Upvan 22nd March 2009

  1. On an early Monday morning sipping coffee it feels so refreshing to read about all the good time we had yesterday. This was one of the best weekends I had and I look forward to many more such events happening in the future. Thanks to all the organizers for arranging everything and making this a huge success.


    1. Since many years! Unfortunate that we did not had net as medium to express ourselves just a few years back.

      I used to do B/W film photography before! Was expensive and cumbersome. πŸ™‚ Hope to scan and put those old photos someday!


  2. smooth1operator

    Do you talk about ‘world’ politics? Well, there is a very good article in ‘Commentary’ (magazine) February 2009 – India’s Time of Reckoning – by Jonathan Foreman. A quote: “The Mumbai massacre struck a stunning blow to India’s ruling class. Will it finally spur the country to get serious about fighting its war on Islamic terror”? I am an American and I am pro-India. Thank you.


    1. Would love to see more and more people joining the community and make that even happening place.

      Welcome aboard and hope to catch you soon on one of the shoot.

      BTW, I do not participate in all shoots but I always try to do one Sunday per month.


  3. Nandu Chitnis

    We at photographers@pune do hold meets like MWS and also have hosted 2 exhibitions. I see some from MWS have joined p@p and vice versa. Some of ur members have participated and won some competitions too …and a few have participated in our exhibitions.

    Lets host a joint meeting somewhere midway in Lonavala?

    What say ?


    1. This is great proposal and I hope MWS would be enthused to collaborate with P@P.

      I will take this discussion on flickr and/or facebook group and let us see how things work out.

      Thanks for taking the initiative and invitation to collaborate.


  4. hi i m a model. i m intrested in per day and two shoots and lead role if their any audition going on according two my pls cntct me
    cntct no.9619966523


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