My growing todo list

As times goes by, my todo list growing longer and longer. 😦

To make and manage my todo list have become a project in itself!

There are so many areas to work on. I generally classify my todo list in following categories.


Being a techie I have many tools at my disposal. Learning those tools in itself a task!

So what am I using now and how do I find those tools?

1. iGoogle home page todo widget – this is nice and simple on-line post-it app. This is kind of universally available tool requiring just a browser. However, if you are not on-line always then it’s not possible to access and manage. Though the Internet connection is not a problem in urban India, you can never count on it. Also, security and privacy are of concern. Otherwise this is nice way to manage your todo list.

2. Tomboy post-it client for GNU/Linux – this is indeed a good nifty small app on open source platform. Down side is that you are tied to your desktop/laptop in accessing and managing the todo list. May be some sync with a server should help this a great way. Let me explore this possible extension to this little but powerful app. And can possibly do that as the app is FOSS!

3. iPhone apps – this is what I should explore as soon as possible. However, I have concerns about the usability of these apps. The biggest challange is learning copy/paste in an iPhone! I will post my views on iPhone todo apps as I start exploring them.

Another option would be to use project management tools like Planner on GNU/Linux (seems over kill to me) or simply a spreadsheet with list of tasks and status of each task? Hmmm… May be I should give it a try and see how that goes.

How do you manage your todo list? If you know better ways (other then pen and paper) do let me know.


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