How do I Start blogging?

So I want to start blogging. But I’m afraid that I have no writing skills nor discipline to regularly write!

What should I do?

Well, there is no harm in trying! So this is my first attempt!

Few questions that comes to mind are –

What should I write about?

As usual my head is swamped with so many ideas. The real issue is arteculating these ideas in right and consince and logical manner. Can I do that? Only time will tell!

Next question came up is – what tools I need/have?

The good thing about blogging is that you only need a browser to start writing. There are so many places you can easely publish your blogs. But being a techei and free software enthu I was always concerned more about tools then the actual content! This must change. I should focus more on content then the tools 😉

Any way I recently bought and cracked apple’s iPhone! I’m writing this using iPhone and nice little wordpress app!

Now the next question is developing a discipline to write regularly! Can I do that? Let me see how often I write new blogs! I will keep my finger crossed. 🙂

Another thing worries me is the quolity and style of writting. But I hope to improve both over time as I write and review my own writting. I hope the comments will give me good idea and guidance as I proceed. So I will stop worring about this later.

How much time should I give for this activity?
It looks like starting at about half an hour daily should be sufficient and not too taxing on me! I hope to increase this over time.

So wish me luck and do give me feedback and tips in the comments!


2 thoughts on “How do I Start blogging?

  1. kunalbharati

    This is Kunal. Used to meet you in ilug-bom meets.
    Remember me???

    Will start to come ilug-bom meets soon.

    And dont worry about your writing skill. Your writing skills are good. 🙂
    I read your blog regularly.

    Thanx 🙂


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